Vinyl vs Digital Print - which one is right for you?

Vinyl Prints - Design and Care Instructions

Vinyl printing is when a sheet of polyurethane vinyl is cut to produce a design which is then heat applied to a garment which is why it is generally limited to one or two colours per print.This type of printing requires your design to be provided as a "vector" file (or we can create these for you as well).

Vinyl printing is permanent and once pressed to clothing, can last for many washes if cared for properly. DO NOT iron your vinyl printed clothing under any circumstances - this will cause it to bubble and your custom clothing would be ruined.

Some vinyl lasts longer than others and will depend on placement and size as well. When designing your clothing, try to take these things into account. For example, imagine the Mirror coloured vinyl is like foil gift wrap - if you imagine thick text made from this on the bottom of your t shirt which you sit on often, it is likely to crack quite quickly (although it looks AWESOME in other positions on garments!). However, if you ordered the more durable vinyl such as Premier Black, this bends better with the material and is likely to last much longer in that position. If you are unsure about which vinyl you should use, please feel free to contact us to discuss the best option for your product.

Full Colour Digital Prints - Design and Care Instructions

This method of printing means you can have as many colours as you like, photos, whatever you can imagine and in pretty much any graphic format (jpeg, png etc). However, the down-side to this method is that the design will start to wash out and fade quickly. This means this type of printing is best for short term use such as one-off events or for garments that will not often be worn.

Which Vinyl Colour should I pick?

See below for a short description of each Vinyl Colour on offer through Phreaze Factory Custom Prints. Please note, the cheaper the vinyl, generally the lower the quality/look/feel.

Budget: Our cheapest option. Lowest quality.

US: Basic plain colours, normal flat texture.

Metallic: Shiney foil-gift-wrap-like texture.

Mirror: Reflective with foil-gift-wrap like texture.

Flocking: Kind of a furry-like texture - great for hoodies!

US Sparkle Glitter: Glitter with sand-papery texture.

US Neon: Bright colours with similar texture to US.