Terms and Conditions

Choose wisely - No Refunds

At Phreaze Factory, we do our best to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with their custom products and try to inform our customers of the best combination of vinyl to material etc for your purposes and needs. However, your combination selected of different styles of printing, vinyl types and clothing material selected/provided can contribute to a lower quality of product eg. some vinyls last for more washes than others, and lower quality clothing material provided by you may also affect this. As these are custom products (each requiring set up and material costs) we are unable to offer refunds after the product has been created. If it is found that Phreaze Factory staff have performed an error in creating your product as requested, we will gladly provide you with a replacement or store credit where applicable.

Vinyl Prints - Design and Care Instructions

Vinyl printing is when a sheet of polyurethane vinyl is cut to produce a design which is then heat applied to a garment which is why it is generally limited to one or two colours per print.This type of printing requires your design to be provided as a "vector" file (or we can create these for you as well).

Vinyl printing is permanent and once pressed to clothing, can last for many washes if cared for properly. DO NOT iron your vinyl printed clothing under any circumstances - this will cause it to bubble and your custom clothing would be ruined.

Some vinyl lasts longer than others and will depend on placement and size as well. When designing your clothing, try to take these things into account. For example, imagine the Mirror coloured vinyl is like foil gift wrap - if you imagine thick text made from this on the bottom of your t shirt which you sit on often, it is likely to crack quite quickly. However, if you ordered the more durable vinyl such as Premier Black, this bends better with the material and is likely to last much longer. If you are unsure about which vinyl you should use, please feel free to contact us to discuss the best option for your product.

Full Colour Digital Prints - Design and Care Instructions

This method of printing means you can have as many colours as you like, photos, whatever you can imagine and in pretty much any graphic format (jpeg, png etc). However, the down-side to this method is that the design will start to wash out quickly. This means this type of printing is best for one-off events or for garments that will not often be worn.


By ordering a custom design for printing on your garment, you are declaring that if you have taken the image from the internet or other source (and have not created it yourself), you have researched whether any copyright applies to the image/intended purpose and have sought permission from the owner of this image (where applicable) to use it. Phreaze Factory does not accept any responsibility for any copyright infringements due to the above and any enquiries surrounding this will be forwarded on to the customer.